Smartphone Workshop is organizing a 4-hour workshop for large and small organizations in which we teach you how to film with your smartphone. marketing. We share our expertise on visual storytelling, filming, interview techniques, composition, sound, light, do’s and don’ts and more so that you can use video in an affordable way in your marketing mix.

In our workshop you will get started with your smartphone. By filming yourself, you get much more video content from your budget. You film and we make a professional video through the editing. We give the videos their own look & feel and we organize the distribution through social media strategy à la carte..

What do you learn in this workshop?

  • What is Visual Storytelling?
  • Why video as a marketing tool?
  • Facts & Figures about Visual Storytelling
  • Tools for your smartphone
  • Tips & trickshow how to film with your smartphone
  • Film techniques, composition, image technology
  • Interview techniques MoJo (mobile journalist)
  • How to make a Storyboard

What can you do after this workshop?

  • You know the basics for advising others in video marketing & storytelling
  • You can create a vlog or video via your smartphone
  • You know what you should pay attention to when making a video
  • You know how to interview with your smartphone
  • You can explain to others why video marketing is important in your marketing mix
  • You know how to trigger the viewer
  • You know the do's and don'ts when making a good video
  • You know which images a good editing needs
  • You know how you can best achieve a good result online with your video
  • You will receive a list of recommended tips, tricks & tools to work with
  • After this you can no longer wait to get started with video!
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