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Ervaren televisiemakers die meer worden aangetrokken door duurzaamheid en gedragsverandering. We willen video-ervaring inzetten

Mik van Bruystegem has nearly two decades of experience in developing and producing accessible television programs. His constant creativity and ceaseless work ethic have resulted in the creation of many series targeted at wide audiences for major TV channels in Belgium and Holland. Mik’s work has appeared on networks such as VRT, VTM, VIER, NPO1, NPO2, RTBF, TALPA, Q 2, and more. As an accomplished television professional, he works as a director, journalist, editor-in-chief and showrunner.

Mik’s list of accomplishment is long, but some of his more notable programs include Expeditie Robinson, Spoed 24/7, Mijn restaurant, Voorbij de Grens, Peking Express, and Politie 24/7.

As a journalist, Mik has worked for the VTM news service for four years, reporting on social issues.

With My-impacts.org, Mik’s focus is now on developing video strategies concerning sustainable projects for private companies, NGOs and national, regional and local governments.

Jan Van Parijs is for more than 20 years active in the TV and audiovisual business.  From 2000 untill 2010 he was the host and producer of the healthshows on Vitaya-TV. In 2010 he started his own medical  audio visual company: Tamara Twist. www.tamaratwist.be.

So, you can find Jan often at medical conventions where he makes videoreports for doctors. He also produces medical e-learning, videos for patients, instruction videos on medical procedures, tutorials for pharmacists, ….

His client are medical video channels, hospitals, medical press and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Novartis, Takeda, Merck, AstraZeneca, …

He met Mik van Bruystegem during the shooting of the TV-show ‘Doctors in Africa’. And that’s where this story starts!

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